HDMI® and Audio Cables, HDMI Extenders, Surveillance Solutions, TV Mounts, Structured Wiring Panels and HDMI Diagnostic and Repair Tools Announced


Metra Home Theater Group unveiled many exciting new solutions for custom integrators at the 2017 CEDIA Show in San Diego, CA. The manufacturer expanded their product lines and updated technology in existing brands, including all of their Ethereal and Velox HDMI cables. The most exciting announcement was the launch of their latest Velox active HDMI cables, showcasing new technology that enabled the cables to deliver a verified 18Gbps UHD, HDR signal up to 30 meters (98 feet). This is currently the longest distance a copper HDMI cable has ever been verified to deliver content at 18Gbps to support UHD, HDR and 4K video applications. This product won a 2017 CE Pro BEST Award and a live demonstration was held at Metra’s CEDIA booth #2325. Jeff Boccaccio from DPL Labs delivered a training session on Thursday and Friday discussing the technology behind the cables.

Jeff Boccaccio, President of DPL Labs, was the featured speaker at Metra’s 12th Annual Lunch N’ Learn event at CEDIA. Two training sessions titled “Going Long with 18Gigs” had a packed audience with standing room only. Boccaccio discussed how the chemistry, electronics and wire layout of an HDMI cable can extend its distance for 18Gbps. His presentation also covered “the art of taming the equalizer beast”, and delivered facts to help integrators choose between fiber and copper HDMI cable solutions. Boccaccio ended the training session with a discussion about how HDMI Rev 2.1 will affect and impact current HDMI products on the market.

Next Generation HDMI and Audio Cables

CEDIA marked the launch of Metra’s popular HDMI cables by Ethereal, with redesigned features and new technology for the MHY and MHX series. Both lines have high quality construction and offer an incredible value for their price point. The new MHY high speed HDMI cables with ethernet support 4K at 60Hz HDR, delivering 18Gbps from 0.5 to 10 meters, and 10.2Gbps at 12 to 15 meters. The new MHX high speed ethernet cables have extended their length for delivering 18Gbps content to 7.5 meters. The cables between 8 and 12 meters deliver 10.2Gbps and the 15 to 17 meter cables deliver 6.75Gbps. For 4K / HDR content at 18Gbps, the Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1) can be used with the 8 to 17 meter MHX cables. All of the new Ethereal MHY and MHX HDMI cables have been certified by DPL Labs and include an audio return channel (ARC) and multi-layer shielding. Integrators will appreciate the new 24K gold plated Grip-Lox connector that secures the cable to the source and display devices, to prevent cables from being accidentally removed. This offers increased pull tension without the risk of damaging connected equipment.


Velox premium audio cables were also showcased, featuring 24K gold plated contact connectors, a black cotton, flexible jacket and a colored logo for wire management. The optical audio cables are available in 1, 2 and 3 meter lengths. The stereo RCA audio cables have compression RCA connectors and are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 meter lengths. The subwoofer audio cables also feature compression RCA connectors and are available in 3, 4 and 5 meter lengths. The compressed, not soldered, RCA connectors ensure a top quality signal to the audio system. Metra’s Ethereal and Velox cables include a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed for reliability.

Versatile and Easy to Install Security Solutions

Spyclops Surveillance Systems, Metra’s line of security cameras and accessories, has expanded their line of NVRs and All-in-One Kits for residential and commercial security solutions. Additional 4-in-1 hybrid technology products were showcased, including new bullet cameras that are compatible with the most popular camera technologies. This versatile solution for integrators allows additional cameras to be added to an existing compatible system, without purchasing all new equipment. For all new system installation projects, the fast and easy NVR kits provide everything needed for installation, including 1080p bullet cameras, a multi-channel NVR, pre-terminated Ethernet cables, a pre-installed 1TB hard drive, 15V power supply, USB mouse and quick installation guide. The integrated POE connections allow the network cable to also run power, so that integrators can install the system without needing to run both a power and network cable to each camera. This results in a significantly faster and easier installation, especially in locations with limited accessibility to power distribution. The NVR kit is a closed system (not compatible with other camera models or systems), and is IP66 rated for indoor/outdoor use with IR LED’s for night vision and a 3.6mm fixed lens. It is available in 4 or 8 channel options, with or without the pre-installed hard drives.

New HDMI Extenders, Balun and IR Kits

A wide array of HDMI extender products were also launched at CEDIA, including HDMI splitter extenders for CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cables, HDMI extenders with IR receivers and emitters, IR wallplates, and HDMI wireless extenders and splitters. These new products are simple to setup and will be available in different transmission distances and resolutions, supporting up to 4K at 60Hz HDR. Many have been engineered to work through walls and include a strong anti-interference, by running at 5GHz frequency.

Problem Solving HDMI Electronics

Metra Home Theater Group has consistently been a pioneer in HDMI electronics, leading the industry in developing innovative technology for HDMI diagnostic and repair tools. This year, Metra has updated their HDM All-in-One Correction Tool (HDM-AIO) to encompass all of the correction solutions found in their HDM Junior, Voltage Control Trigger, Active Cable Voltage Stabilizer and HDMI 5V Injector. Existing HDMI electronics have also been updated to support new technology. These problem-solving tools are engineered to tackle the latest challenges of today’s custom integrators. With growing issues between HDMI enabled sources and displays, these tools combat the dreaded black screen, error messages and other HDMI related problems CI’s face due to EDID, voltage, and more. When paired with Metra’s reliable DPL certified cables, custom integrators can rest assured that they will not be called back to the site due to product failures.

Adapting TV Mounts for Today’s Needs

Metra Home Theater Group has redesigned and expanded their Helios product line of TV mounts to solve the problems of today’s custom integrators. “We listened to integrators who are in the field everyday to see how we could adapt our products to better serve their needs. Their feedback helped us redesign our next generation of Helios TV mounts,” says Stewart Denton, manager of product development for Metra Home Theater Group. Commercial or residential buildings can provide a challenge for TV mount installation if the standard 16” studs are not in place. To address this issue, many of the new mounts are compatible with both 16” and 24” center studs. This offers a more versatile mounting solution for integrators. Overall, Helios introduced TV mounts for larger displays, ultra low profile mounts, and a full motion mount for medium sized TVs that can be installed be 16” center studs.

New Structured Wiring Panels

Metra Home Theater Group has expanded their product line to include structured wiring panels, a new product category for the manufacturer. The structured panels offer flexible mounting for stud spacing variations in either a recessed or surface mount installation. They are constructed of solid steel with a durable, white powder coat finish and include grommets and ten cable ties and mounts. Three sizes are available for 14” (CS-SP14), 20” (CS-SP20) or 28” (CS-SP28) panels. Hinged metal panel doors are sold separately, and include a lock and two keys for added security. The structured panel doors can support up to four 120mm cooling fans with preset mounting holes and integrated louvered ventilation for improved cooling. Doors are available for 14” (CS-SPD14), 20” (CS-SPD20) and 28” (CS-SPD28) panels.

To learn more about all of the new technology and products launched at the 2017 CEDIA show by Metra Home Theater Group, visit https://metrahometheater.com/cedia.html. Connect with Metra Home Theater Group on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news. For more information, visit Metra Home Theater Group online at MetraHomeTheater.com.