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Deliver the Best 4K / HDR
Without New Cables

Transform Old HDMI Cables to 4K-Ready High Speed 18Gb. The revolutionary Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1) upgrades your older HDMI cabled systems to full 18 Gbps capability. It will even support the newest HDR formats. From 6 to 17 Meters of full 18 Gigabits, 4K/60, 4:4:4 and HDR transmission with an new or existing passive 24 gauge HDMI cable. Made in America!

18GB Speed

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Easier video distribution
without rewiring

The M3B Pro Series utilizes existing coax and splitters to make video distribution much simpler and far less expensive. With easy setup and a simple source selection via any learning remote, the need to re-wire is eliminated completely.

See the New M3B Pro Series!

  • • Reduced Delay to Change Sources
  • • Rack or Wall Mount Options
  • • Added Ventilation for Tight Areas
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Ultra High Definition
4K Accessories

Get the most out of your 4K hardware with accessories that are designed to not only allow UHD speeds, but exceed all industry spec. Our full range of 4K accessories, from cables to accelerators and surge protection, are designed with the custom integrator in mind. These innovative products give you the tools needed for easier installs with maximum outcome.

Four Real.

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18 Gbps
HDMI Cable

VELOX UHD cables combine evolutionary design and engineering techniques to support the new generation of HD, Ultra-HD/4K video applications. Assembled right here in the USA, VELOX UHD cables deliver a verified 18 Gbps HD signal for higher resolutions, frame rates and colors over HD digital interconnects thanks to the patented Targa1 Module.

Up to 15 Meters!

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