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HDR/4K Ready Home Theater Solutions

Are you ready for HDR, Super Ultra High Definition, 4K:60, 18 Gbps Content? If your home theater system uses the newest technology to deliver High Dynamic Range of color, 4K, or UHD, your cables will need to support this content. Shop any of the award-winning products in our HDR / 4K Solutions category knowing that they will support the latest technology. Unlike other manufacturers, we won’t make a claim about our products unless it’s true and backed by independent lab testing or certifications. Learn more about the importance of having the right cables.

Metra’s home theater cables are designed by active professional A/V installers with many years of experience in custom projects. Because we know what's important to you, our product line is engineered and constructed to deliver unparalleled reliable performance. In fact, most of our cables are designed to go beyond 4K, supporting up to 24Gbps bandwidth by providing 6Gbps of bandwidth in all 4 channels. See a complete list of our 24Gbps HDMI cables here.

See the Difference
4K Detail Goes a Long Way with the Right Cables & Accessories

4K - See the Difference

Lab Tested+ Approved

Certified by independent testing to deliver ultra high definition content the way it’s supposed to be seen, with no loss of quality. Look for the DPL Labs seal of approval on our high quality cables.

Seal of Approval DPL Labs4K UltraHD Deep ColorSupports Rev 2.0 18GB Devices

Supported byLumagen4k and Ultra HD Products.

HDR / 4K Solutions

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