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High Performance VELOX Passive Premium HDMI® Cable (4 Meters)

Quick Overview


High Performance VELOX Passive Premium HDMI® Cable (4 Meters)


24Gbps Bandwidth SpeedDPL Certified



  • Supports 24Gbps, 4K/60 4:4:4 and HDR transmission
  • Removes potential future speed cap
  • Advanced features in metallurgy, topology, dielectric and shielding
  • New microwave RF design allows for up to 4dB less insertion loss
  • Highest bandwidth performance of any passive cable
  • 3mm Shield Strip-back - Helps to reduce 6G jitter
  • Smooth Solder Joints - Optimizes impedance matching
  • TMDS conductors are equal length - Decreases Video Timing Errors
  • Uniform cable solder pads - eliminates pcb pad lifting failures
  • Inner Mold - Ensures secure conductor alignment
  • 100% Copper Shielding - reduces EMI
  • By Pass Ground - provides better return loss
  • Conductors direct solder to connector - reduced insertion loss
  • Wire Soldering Precision - Twin Axe Wire Design requires specially trained hand soldering
  • Wire Configuration - Wire wrapping requires twice the production time
  • Audio Return Channel (eARC and ARC)


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Additional Information

Case Quantity 21
Bandwidth 10.2Gbps, 18Gbps, 24Gbps
Brand or Series Velox Series
Features HDR, Locking Connector
Resolution 1080p, 4K
Type Ethernet, Passive
Jacket Type CL Listed
Length (Feet & Meters) 12-13' / 4M
DPL Certified Yes