A month after CES 2015 in Las Vegas and one topic keeps popping up everywhere: Wearable Technology. The wearable technology market is set be a game changer especially the fitness wearable. As the various newsletters and emails are delivered to in boxes every morning the topic of “fitness wearables” can be found. I cannot get away from hearing about all the different types of products out there that can help one lose weight, track runs and get healthier. The various wearable fitness products are set to change the workout world much like the waffle running show did for runners in the early 80s.

People Running Picture

After years of portions getting bigger, there are now various products that will track calories consumed and calories burned to help society get smaller. No longer tied to the gym. Customers now can have fitness socks to track runs to calculate elements that can be improved. Smartwatches are equipped with the necessary programs to track steps, calories, sit-ups – an entire gallery of items to burn that extra drink or dessert from the night before. In short – No. More. Excuses. That’s right! Technology is taking away the excuses we tell ourselves for not getting in shape. No longer can we say “I do not have time to figure out what I am doing wrong.” Or ‘Who has time to track my work out?” Technology can now do all tracking to help one be successful in becoming healthier.

The one question that still remains – will we, as a society, get healthier with all support from wearables? Will the old “I will get healthier for the New Year” resolution be kept more in 2015 than previous years because of this new technology? If the fitness wearable is as revolutionary as the waffle running shoe, then the answer will be a resounding YES!