If you have some tech people on your gift list that you never know what to give them for Christmas, here is a list of Metra Home Theater Group’s products that they will love and never re-gift:

  • HDM-SP2 – a compact product to protect your component investment. This little guy will sacrifice itself to save your system.
  • HDM-JR - Are you experiencing audio or video drop outs? Metra Home Theater Group's HDM JR can fix that.
  • VELOX - VELOX UHD cables OPERATE WITH THE ENTIRE 18Gbps envelope. These cables also include Metra Home Theater Group’s unique interchangeable color-coding scheme for cable identification and management.
  •  LEDS - Our LED lighting line adds visual pizzazz to any custom installation
  • SOUND BAR MOUNT - This 3.1 Sound Bar one can mount the larger TVs and improve the sound quality.  This product provides the solution to multiple needs of the consumer.
  • AUDIO MOUNTS – Improve the sound quality on smaller TVs.
  • TABLET STAND (ASM-iSTAND) – Fits the IPad 2.  360 degrees of ration.  Portable and easy to use.
  • IPHONE 6 ACCESSORIES - wide variety of phone and tablet chargers, connectors and data transfer cables that support international and domestic mobile technology including Apple Lightning cables for the new iPhone 6.

  • PORTABLE USB CHARGER (ASM-USBBAT) – Portable USB power bank. 1A to support all popular phones. Easy and convenient to recharge.

For more information on our all of our products, click here.