At the office we recently have redesigned our catalog. At home I have been working on my Holiday Gift List. One would not think these two lists would have anything in common, but you would be wrong. In spending several weeks reading and proof reading the catalog, we have products that will come in handy this Holiday season if you are purchasing new technology.

Here are the top six products:

  1. Metra Multi-Media Broadcast System (M3B)
    Metra Multi-Media Broadcast System (M3B)
    — If you want to watch the bowl games but the kids want to play their new PS4, you need this product. This system will allow the kids to play games on a TV, bowl games to be viewed on another, and movies to be watched on a third television. All without moving the sources to the various TVs. This product will make everyone happy this holiday season.
  2. LED Lights
    LED Lights
    — Have a covered back porch or entrance way? Do you want to decorate them with lights for the holidays? Use our LED lights and you can leave these lights up all year to save time for future holidays.
  3. HDM-GA1
    — Are you purchasing a new 4K TV? You will need to make sure the existing cables will work with this new fancy 4K television. Our HDM-GA1 will update your passive cables to provide content.
  4. Mounts
    — We have a large selection of TV mounts to fit almost any configuration one can come up with to get your new TV mounted.
  5. IECWP
    — Mounting your fancy new 4k TV or projector you got from Santa? Use this wall plate to connect to the EDC-LVCP behind the display to hide ugly cables.
    — If you do not have power in the correct place to mount your TV, this product is a must. It will move the plug so you can stick to the TV location you desire in your home.

These products and much more can be found at Also if you need technical support this holiday season on any of the above listed products — our customer service if available to answer your questions.