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Our Spyclops tech department is busy helping customers and I happen to sit in the same room. So the thought came to be one day, “What are the most asked questions?” I fired off an email and asked “What question do you answer the most regarding our Spyclops line?”

I was given the top three most asked Spyclops tech questions:

  1. I am having issues connecting on my phone with ESEE, HELP?
    Make sure you have full signal on your Smartphone or tablet to pull the video through, especially if you have more than four cameras connected. Videos pull more bandwidth than games or regular apps.
  2. I have an Android but I can only view four cameras, where are the other cameras?
    Make sure you selected the correct number of cameras when you added your DVR. If you did, then simply swipe the screen left at the camera view to scroll through all the cameras views.
  3. How do I verify my DVR is recording:
    After you set up your recording information, you will see one of the three icons in the upper right hand corner of each camera view that is actively recording. You will see a clock for timed recording, a red dot for manual recording or a yellow running man for motion recording. If one of these icons are showing, your camera is recording.