Smart Service

If you saw our ad in this month’s CEPRO, you saw our own Technical Support and Product Specialist Brent McCall featured as the figurehead for the Smart Support we provide our customers. In fact, he is one part of an extensive package of smart support we provide. Our Smart Support includes a designated tech support professional for our Spyclops product, a highly trained sales staff on the latest technology as well as Brent McCall providing Custom Integrator support.

Notice that Brent is described as the “Custom Integrator” tech support, not the Metra Custom Integrator Product support. This is an important distinction because Metra Home Theater believes in supporting the CI – not just selling our products to the CI. In other words, he will try to help no matter what the issue. Brent is available to take your call from 8am-10pm*. The asterisk is there because Brent will not answer his phone if he is at dinner with his wife or in his convertible Miata for obvious reasons. You can leave him a message and he will return your call promptly.

Deanna Miller is tech support primarily for our Spyclops product line but provides tech support on all Metra Home Theater products. She is available to answer any and all of your questions related to either installing or operating a Spyclops system in addition to being another tech resource for all of our products. Deanna also assists in product development of the Spyclops line with her input coming from feedback she gets from the customers like you who she speaks with every day. She is available Tuesday thru Friday 9-6:30 pm and Saturday 10-4:00 pm.

Our dedicated sales staff works hard on staying on top of the latest in technology. Monthly meetings as well as constant access to our product development team keep our sales staff well-informed on all of the technology we offer. We are very proud of the fact that our staff here at Metra Home Theater Group actually understands how our technology works. We are not interested in the canned sales pitch telling a customer why our products are better than the competition. Our staff spend time in the field routinely to meet with customers to stay connected with your technology needs.

Metra Home Theater Group, Brent McCall, Deanna Miller, and many others are here to support you, whether it’s a question on the latest in HDMI® to installing a television mount, we’re standing by to help! Metra Home Theater Group remains dedicated to meeting the needs of a wide array of customers -- from Custom Integrators, to the Spyclops customer as well as the many other home theater brands we offer (and then some) which is why our Smart Support stands out from the competition.