Common Home Theater Problems

As a Custom Installer, it’s common knowledge that the source does not provide the voltage and current for its own digital output. This is instead provided by the display’s HDMI® input. What installers probably do not know is that 4K, 4:4:4 color and HDR has now changed how TV manufacturers are making their displays.

To provide 4K, 4:4:4 color and HDR, display manufacturers have to cut corners and stay competitively priced. To provide this technology at a lower cost, manufacturers reduced the number of display side power supplies. In addition, there is less power provided and only enough to go about two meters to your source using a passive cable.

If your install is somewhere between 5 meters to 20 meters and you are using an active HDMI® cable powered by the display, you will not have a picture!

What do you do?

Install our newest product, the HDM-ACVS, at the display side to fix this issue. Under our Ethereal brand, our Active Cable Voltage Stabilizer is designed to supply the correct voltage and current needed to keep sources and active cables functioning at longer lengths. This is installed at the display side using a short HDMI® cable as a jumper to the display. As of press time, this new product was not yet in stock, but is available for pre-order. Metra Home Theater Group dealers can contact their Sales Representative for details on pre-ordering.

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