Basic Custom Installer Tips for CIs

Whether you call yourself a Custom Installer, Home Technology Professional or Custom Integrator, today you must be better educated for new technology than ever before. With all of this emphasis on “new” information, we should still be mindful of the installation basics. In this post, the former CIs at Metra Home Theater Group explain their top five most useful tips for Custom Installers that will keep you organized and efficient when in the field:

Velox Cables In UseHave Quick Equipment Access: The ideal component rack should give you full access to both the front and rear panels so all wiring and controls are easily accessible.
Remember, time is money so make sure your setup is as efficient as possible.
  • Use Adequate Ventilation: Most rack installs need to have a thermal management plan depending on the equipment.
    For example, amplification gear can produce a lot of heat when in use and if left to accumulate around your gear, this heat will damage your system components.
  • Prepare with Location Planning: On new construction jobs, never assume the builder is wiring for technology integration. A quick discussion in the planning process can save a lot of time later on. Whenever possible, the optimal location for a rack is within 50 feet of the display. Having the master equipment this close to the display will certify less problems down the road. Plan ahead whenever possible!
  • “Future-Proof” Your Pre-Wire: Since the future is always changing, use conduit when possible. Conduit is the best possible solution in a new construction install. Pre-wire 1.5” conduit with long sweeping turns to give you the space and bend radius to install whatever the future holds.
  • Velox Color Coded Cables
  • Always Take Time for Cable Organization: Labeling your cables can save major time and frustration. When lacing your equipment rack use a small diameter and label each cable for quick identification. This will be a huge time saver for you! For this reason, Metra Home Theater Group designed our EHD cables and Velox cables to come with six sets of color coded, inter-changeable nubs, making cable organization simple. Velox Cables are also offered in smaller, ultra-thin diameter lengths, from 0.5 meter to 3 meters.
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