D2D Sketch

Today everybody has a smart TV with all kinds of built in Apps. The most common problem that “CI's” face is getting the Digital Audio from these TV Apps back to the AVR. One answer is of course the ARC function back thru the HDMI® cable and while this is a “simple” one cable solution it is NOT a simple one button user solution.

Here is a simple one button user solution and if you can get a piece of coax (RG/6 or RG/59) between the display and the AVR you can make this happen.

Directions: First, on most displays there is an Optical output connection that supports Dolby Digital, come out of this with a short optical cable and go into our CS-D2D optical to coax format convertor. Second you will adapt the “F” connector to an RCA connection at both ends, plug the coax into one of the SPDIF connections on the back of your AVR. Third program the remote to select that SPDIF input when your client wants to watch in TV apps.

You now have a one button solution.

Parts Needed: