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Company Overview—Who is Metra Home Theater Group?


Tech Tips Webinars

HDMI High Speed Data Loss on a Cable - Quickie Tech Tip - 9/11/20

Ten Pounds of CEC in a Five Pound Hat: HDMI Cable Deconstruction Part 3 - 9/9/20

EDID Iceberg!: HDMI Cable Deconstruction Part 2.2 - 9/2/20

Oh Captain, My EDID Captain: HDMI Cable Deconstruction Part 2 - 8/26/20

Knock Knock, Hotplug is here!: HDMI Cable Deconstruction Part 1 – 8/19/20

Power Management: Planning, Design and Implementation - 8/12/20

HDMI Distribution Part 2: Down the Rabbit Hole - 8/5/20

HDMI Distribution Part 1: Splitters, Switches and Extenders - 7/29/20

Grounding and 110v Problems: With Special Guest - Rob the Electrician! - 7/22/20

Extenders, Connectors and Noise Floor: Audio Series Part 2 - 7/15/20

Adapters and Converters: Audio Series Part 1 - 7/8/20

"To Motion, or Not to Motion?": Basics of NVRs and DVRs - 7/1/20

"You want music where?!": Speaker Level Distribution - 6/26/20

"That's Hot!! ": Understanding Infrared - 6/24/20

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: HDMI Cable Construction - 6/19/20

Bulking Up!: Understanding Bulk Wire and Terminations - 6/17/20

Long-Distance HDMI Solutions for 4K and Beyond - 6/12/20

Fixing Common EDID Problems in the Field - 6/10/20

Surveillance Lenses: Stay Focused - 6/5/20

All About Bandwidth: "A series of tubes!" - 6/3/20

Surveillance Storage: Getting the most from your recording time - 5/27/20

Troubleshooting 102: It’s the little things in life - 5/29/20

Surveillance Storage: Getting the most from your recording time - 5/27/20

Which HDMI Extender should I use? - 5/22/20

Let’s Talk TV Mounts - 5/20/20

Video Surveillance Design and Networking: Decentralized vs. Centralized - 5/15/20

Techs and Reps: 70V Audio - When, Where and Best Practices with TruAudio - 5/13/20

Differences in HDMI Cable Construction - 5/6/20

Fiber Friday: Demystifying Types of Fiber - 5/1/20

HDMI: Not All Cables are the Same - 4/29/20

Techs and Reps: Dealer Discussion Panel - 4/22/20

When, Where and How to Use LEDs with HEISE LED - 4/17/20

Techs and Reps - Panel Discussion with JVC and Screen Innovations - 4/15/20

Fiber Friday: Benefits of AOC in Your Installation - 4/10/20

How to Speak Fluent, “Tech Support" and Surveillance IP Addressing - 4/8/20

Truck Day: Organization and Necessary Items on your Work Truck - 4/3/20

What to Expect with 8K and HDMI 2.1 FAQ’s Part 2 - 4/1/20

What to Expect with 8K and HDMI 2.1 FAQ’s - 3/25/20

Solving Cable and HDMI Switching Errors - 3/18/20

Jeff Boccaccio Explains EDID Technology Part 2 - 3/4/20

Jeff Boccaccio Explains EDID Technology Part 1 - 2/19/20

What is a Hot Plug Interrupt? - 2/5/20

HDMI 2.1 Part 2 with DPL Labs - 1/22/20

HDMI 2.1 Part 1 with DPL Labs - 1/8/20

TV’s, AVR’s, HDR, OH MY! Understanding the CATV Box Problem - 12/18/19

Troubleshooting 101: Problem-Solving Voltage & System Setup Complications - 12/4/19

Grounding 101: Why That One Job is Having So Many Problems! - 11/20/19

IP World 101: PoE, VLAN’s, Subnets, WAN, LAN and More - 11/6/19

Going the Distance with HDBaseT and Other Types of Ethernet Extenders - 10/23/19

Category Wire Infrastructure and Best Practices—Learn to Respect the Wire - 10/9/19

CEDIA Recap - 9/25/19

CEDIA Expo 2019 New Product Preview - 9/11/19

Fiber Termination, Tips, Tools and Specifications - 8/28/19

Solving Common Cable Box and Satellite Set Top Box HDMI® Issues - 8/14/19

AV Racks - 7/31/19

AOC HDMI and You - 7/17/2019

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Upgrading to HDMI 2.1 - 7/03/2019



Unboxing the Helios Smart Power Surge Protector and Conditioner (AS-P-603W)

Unboxing the 70M HDBaseT 2.0 HDMI® Extender with USB (CS-HDBTP2UK-70)

Unboxing the HDMI Extender Over Fiber (CS-HDFBREXT-VLC)

Unboxing the Spyclops SPY-PTZWIP3 Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera

Unboxing Our HDMI Switch With 4 Inputs/1 Output & Audio Breakout

Unboxing the 4x1 HDMI Multi-Viewer

Unboxing the 8X8 HDMI® Matrix and the 8X8 HDBaseT HDMI® Matrix

Unboxing: CS-HDBTP2UKA-70 (HDBaseT 2.0 HDMI® Extender 70M)

Unboxing the Spyclops CCTV Security Camera

Unboxing the HDMI® Extender Over Single CAT5E 60M w/IR 4K

Unboxing the HDMI® PoE Extender Over Single CAT6

Unboxing the HDMI® EDID Blocker (HDM-EDIDB)

Unboxing the 1x4 - HDMI® Splitter (CS-1x4HDMSPL5)



Interview about HDMI with Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs - Part 1

Interview about HDMI with Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs - Part 2

An Interview With: JVC’s Patrick Siebert



Ethereal HDMI Solution Products

HDMI Cables - The Differences

8K Velox Fiber HDMI Cable Introduction at CES 2020

8K Velox Fiber HDMI Cable Demo at CES 2020

Consumer Benefits of Fiber HDMI Cables

Spyclops Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security IP Camera

Spyclops Setup Part 1: Networking Basics 101 with a Focus on IP Surveillance Products

Spyclops Setup Part 2: Set up Spyclops Cameras with Spyclops NVRs without a Laptop

Spyclops Setup Part 3: Set up Spyclops Cameras with Spyclops NVRs with a Laptop