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3M VELOX Passive HDMI Cable 28AWG 48Gbps

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3M VELOX Passive HDMI Cable 28AWG 48Gbps



Pushing the performance envelope of a passive HDMI® cable can be very tricky (and 48 Gbps is a big push); it is not just a simple matter of adding more copper or an extra twist or two to the conductors. To properly accomplish this requires a complete rethinking of the HDMI® cable technology. Fortunately HDMI® cable design is something that we at MetraAV are very familiar with. The Velox 48 Gbps Passive Cables are the culmination of our many years of HDMI® cable design knowledge, combining cable topology, metallurgy, and conductive material experience. As a result, we have built a cable that truly does perform at the pinnacle of the HDMI® cable market.

  • Supports up to 48Gbps, 4K/120, 8K/60 & Dynamic HDR
  • Advanced features in metallurgy, topology, dielectric and shielding
  • 3mm Shield Strip-back - helps to reduce 6G jitter
  • 100% Copper Shielding - reduces EMI
  • Bypass ground - provides better return loss
  • Conductors direct solder to connector
  • Audio Return Channel (eARC and ARC)
  • Grip-Lox™ terminal


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