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MHY HDMI® Cables

MHY HDMI® Cables

The MHY L Series - See and Hear the Difference
Ethereal’s MHY L Series HDMI® Cables with Ethernet bring out the best picture and sound that today’s enhanced components were built to deliver. With incredible data transfer speeds, ARC (Audio Return Channel), and Ethernet support, MHY L Series HDMI® cables let you plug into a better home theater experience. Supporting resolutions up to 4K/60, HDR, 4:4:4 color space at 18Gbps* (on cables 12 meters or less in length), the MHY L Series HDMI® cables are ready for all 4K formats, UHD Blu-ray, HD/4K satellite, HD cable, 4K Gaming and HD internet. At distances of 15 meters, MHY cables support all of the performance features available within the 10.2 Gbps specification.

All MHY L Series cables up to 12 Meters are DPL certified, CL Rated for in-wall installation, and come with a lifetime warranty.

High Speed HDMI® Ethernet Included
The HDMI® Ethernet channel allows you to support a wide range of IP-enabled home entertainment devices without the cable clutter caused by the additional network cables. Therefore you will no longer need separate Ethernet cables to enjoy high speed, bidirectional networking with speeds up to 100 Mb/sec**.

24K Gold Plated Grip-Lox Connectors
It is certainly worth noting that not only do these cables look great, they are also designed with the best materials and tested for heavy duty use to deliver stunning picture, sound and control year after year. We use 24k gold contacts to ensure the highest possible connectivity for the best signal integrity. They are also corrosion resistant and provide maximum signal transfer over the life of your system. New Grip-Lox Connectors secure the cable to the source and display devices to prevent cables from being accidentally removed. This offers increased pull tension without the risk of damaging connected equipment.

Multi-Layer Shielding
Multiple layers of shielding prevent electromagnetic interference to maximize noise isolation as well as protecting the other components from HDMI® high speed emanations.

Audio Return Channel (ARC)
The incorporated audio return channel provides the ability to send multi-channel audio from the display back to the surround processor (dependent on the equipment being ARC enabled), reducing cable clutter.

Digital Performance Labs (DPL) Tested
These cables are DPL Labs ( certified to ensure long term usability and performance. DPL testing clears away the “smoke and mirrors” common in the HDMI® cable business by creating a fair but tough comparative standard against which all HDMI® products can be tested.

*18Gbps only applies to MHY-LHDM cables up to 12 Meters in length. 15 Meter lengths are tested up to 10.2 Gbps.

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