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Helios Cables

Helios® Cables

Helios by Metra Home Theater Group offers a broad range of retail AV products designed to provide reliable solutions for today’s 4K / HDR home theater systems. Our expertise and long history of developing home theater products with innovative and proprietary technologies has been applied to our Helios product line, so that end-users can enjoy the ultimate multimedia home theater experience.

Helios manufactures high quality products that are driven by performance, reliability and affordability. From high-end fiber HDMI® cables to affordable copper solutions, Helios provides consumers with options at every price point. Helios HDMI® cables and AV products come in retail friendly packaging, designed with the consumer in mind.

Designed for 4K Gaming and Home Theater Systems
Helios Active Fiber Light Speed HDMI® cables create a whole new level of value and performance with 24Gbps at HDMI 2.0 specifications, providing the fastest HDMI signal! These cables are designed to support 4K and HDR, and also support Ethernet over HDMI for crisp, clear picture quality. These features make them the ideal solution for the latest 4K home theater systems and high-end 4K gaming consoles and displays.

An ultra-energy efficient Rx/Tx chipset doesn't require any added external power, allowing for a cleaner and simpler installation. A robust headshell and durable cloth braided jacket protect the cable and its built-in electronics. The gold plated connectors will remain free of oxidation and the strong braided cotton outer jacket still provides flexibility for the thin cable, making it easier to install in tight locations.

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