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HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

MetraAV is the leader in high-quality HDMI® solutions, with a history of being first to market with HDMI® solutions that deliver higher resolutions and bandwidths at record-setting lengths. We offer a wide range of solutions for custom integrators and retailers, based on length, budget and desired performance.. Need help deciding which cable to use for your project? View our HDMI® cable chart or contact our team.

Velox Active Optical Fiber Cables
Active HDMI® cables with patented fiber optical technology. Designed for high-end AV projects requiring longer runs and uncompromising performance. Verified 48Gbps bandwidth up to 100 meters, supporting 4K/120, 8K/60 or even 10K and all color subsampling. Learn more...

Velox Passive Cables
High performance passive HDMI® cables with patent-pending technology. Verified 24Gbps up to 8 meters unassisted, or up to 22 meters when used with the Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1). Supports 4K/60, HDR, 4:4:4 Color Space and High Bit Color. Learn more...

Velox Active Cables
High performance active HDMI® cables with patented module technology with proprietary capabilities developed by Metra Home Theater Group. Verified 24Gbps up to 30 meters. Supports 4K/60, HDR, 4:4:4 Color Space and High Bit Color. Learn more...

MHY Cables
Best kept secret in performance value! High quality Ethernet HDMI® cables with a smaller, more flexible cable and compact connector for shallow depth installation. Slim design and competitive price. Verified 24Gbps up to 12 meters and 10.2Gbps up to 15 meters, unassisted. Learn more...

MHX Cables
High quality materials with expert construction at an affordable price. These Ethernet HDMI® cables are available in standard or high speed. High-speed models support 4K / HDR at 24Gbps up to 7.5 meters unassisted, or up to 17 meters with the Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1 sold separately). Learn more...

Install Bay® Fiber Cables
Our newest fiber HDMI cables are a top choice for new smart home builders thanks to their UL-rated jacket that doesn’t split or break in colder temperatures. Learn more...

Install Bay® Bulk Pack Cables
These Copper HDMI cables are also available in shorter lengths that come in boxes which can convert to table-top retail displays, providing cost-effective connectivity for today’s 4K home theater systems. Learn more...

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  1. MHY-LHDME-5


    Ethereal MHY HDMI® High Speed With Ethernet – .5 Meters
  2. MHX-LHDME-5


    Ethereal MHX HDMI® High Speed With Ethernet - .5 Meters
  3. IB-HD015


    Install Bay HDMI® High Speed With Ethernet – 1.5 Feet (50 Pack)

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