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HDMI® All-in-one Correction Tool - 2nd Generation

Quick Overview


HDMI® All-in-one Correction Tool - 2nd Generation


While no device can fix every problem, this one tool fixes most of the common HDMI® problems instantly! Providing a quick, easy and efficient solution, this is the only product on the market designed to repair the majority of HDMI® issues that installers see in today's home theater projects. Simply plug in this device, and its cutting-edge technology will do the rest; preventing more truck rolls and long nights of overtime. This second-generation HDM-AIO2 provides a hot-plug interrupt, fixes EDID start-up issues, supplements voltage/current in the TMDS feed, 5V feed and hot plug feed, plus provides voltage matching for both input and output. Its EDID capacitive stripping corrects the most common EDID problems. It includes impulse synchronization and the most cutting edge technology available to solve HDMI headaches. No other product on the market has all of these features in one device.

Best In Market 2022 WinnterCEPro 2019 Award Winner


  • Supports all HDCP formats
  • Supports 24Gbps, (4 x 6 Gbps)
  • Supports 4K/60, 4:4:4, HDR, 12bit Color
  • Regulated 5 volt injection
  •  Regulated hot plug injection (controlled by contact closure on a control system)
  • Hot Plug return delay of 100ms
  • TMDS Voltage and Current insertion
  • EDID capacitive stripping
  • Corrects most common EDID problems, including:
    Audio Dropouts
    “Mode not Supported”
    “Frequency out of Range”
  • Faster input switching
  • Impulse synchronization
  • 5V 1A power supply  and instruction manual included


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