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16 Channel Hybrid 4K XVR - 2TB HDD

Quick Overview


16 Channel Hybrid 4K XVR - 2TB HDD


Record video surveillance in up to 8MP 4K for each channel with the Spyclops PRO 16-channel XVR.

This 4K capable Video Recorder supports H.265 and H.265+ for maximum video storage efficiency. HDD drive bays support up to 2x 8TB HDD for a total of up to 16TB. The NVR has VGA and HDMI outputs and uses 16-channel BNC connections.

The Spyclops PRO free remote viewing app is available for Android and iOS devices, in addition to accessing video surveillance securely through a web.

Compatible with Spyclops cameras.

XVR Specifications

  • (16) BNC port connections for direct camera connection and can add IP cameras connected to the same LAN for a total of up to 32 channels of recording
  • (2) USB 2.0 ports for mouse and backup
  • Inputs: 16x BNC (AHD/TVI/CVI: 8MP; TVI/AHD: 5MP; AHD/TVI/CVI: 4MP; AHD/TVI: 3MP; AHD/TVI/CVI: 1080P/720P; Analog: 960H)+8 x network (Max 8MP)
  • Analog+Network: 14x Analog (5MP)+11x network(Max 8MP), 12x Analog (5MP)+13x network (Max 8MP), 10x Analog (5MP)+15x network (Max 8MP), 8x Analog (5MP)+17x network (Max 8MP), 6x Analog (5MP)+19x network (Max 8MP), 4x Analog (5MP)+21x network (Max 8MP), 2x Analog (5MP)+23x network (Max 8MP)
  • IPC Only: 32x network (Max 8MP)
  • Recording Resolution
    • Analog:
      • MP_LITE (1920×2160 16CH at 8fps)
      • MP (2592×1944 16CH at 6fps)
      • 5MP_LITE (1296×1944 16CH at 10fps)
      • 4MP (2560×1440 16CH at 8fps)
      • 4MP_LITE (1280×1440 16CH at 15fps)
      • 3MP (2048×1536 16CH at 9fps)
      • 3MP_Lite (1024×1536 16CH at 18fps)
      • 1080P (1920x1080 16CH at 15fps)
      • 720P (1280×720 16CH at 30fps)
      • 960H (960×480 16CH at 30fps)
      • 5MP_Lite (1296×1944 16CH at 10fps)
      • 4MP_Lite (1280×1440 16CH at 15fps)
      • 3MP_Lite (1024×1536 16CH at 18fps)
      • 1080N(960x1080 16CH at 25fps)
      • 720P (1280×720 16CH at 25fps)
      • 960H (960×480 4CH at 30fps)
    • Only IPC H.265:
      • 4k 17CH at 30fps
      • 5MP 26CH at 30fps
      • 4MP 32CH at 30fps
      • 3MP 32CH at 30fps
      • 1080P 32CH at 30fps
      • 960P 32CH at 30fps
      • 720P 32CH at 30fps
      • D1 32CH at 30fps
  • Playback Resolution
    • All Analog:
      • 16CH 8MP_LITE at 8fps
      • 16CH 5M at 6fps
      • 16CH 5MP_LITE at 10fps
      • 16CH 4M at 8fps
      • 16CH 4MP_LITE at 15fps
      • 16CH 3M at 9fps
      • 16CH 1080p at 15fps
      • 16CH 1080N at 25fps
    • Mix Mode:
      • 1CH 4K at 30fps
      • 2CH 5M at 30fps
      • 2CH 4M at 30fps
      • 3CH 3M at 30fps
      • 4CH 1080P at 30fps
      • 4CH 960P at 30fps
      • 4CH 720P at 30fps
    • All IPC:
      • 2CH 4K at 30fps
      • 4CH 5M at 30fps
      • 4CH 4M at 30fps
      • 5CH 3M at 30fps
      • 9CH 1080P at 30fps
      • 9CH 960P at 30fps
      • 9CH 720P at 30fps
  • Onvif Version Support: 2.8
  • Playback Functions: Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast Play, Slow Play, Full Screen, Frame Play, Frame Rewind, Digital Zoom, Full Screen
  • Record Modes: Manual\Timer\Motion Detection\AI Alarm\Alarm Input
  • (1) VGA and (1) HDMI outputs
  • Free remote view app for Android and IOS
  • (2) SATA Port—supports up to 16TB total
  • Alarm 4 channels in and 1 channel out that can trigger recording, email, Buzzer or Push notifications
  • Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 and H.265+ for maximum video storage
  • Includes 12V power supply, USB mouse and Quick Start guide
  • 2TB HDD Preinstalled


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How to Set up the Spyclops Pro Remote Viewing App

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