New ethereal IR Kit

Metra Home Theater Group® (MHTG) announces a new infrared repeater system with IR controlled contact closure and code learning features that work with Ethereal® Voltage Control Trigger (HDM-VCT) and All-in-One (HDM-AIO) repair tools. This unique product allows custom integrators the ability to extend infrared signals of their remote control and provide an interface to relay a wide range of controlled devices, including a home theater system that is utilizing an HDMI repair tool for hot plug relay purposes. Previously, systems utilizing the HDM-VCT or HDM-AIO would require a high-end home automation system with available relay to trigger these devices. This kit will now allow integrators to utilize those repair tools without a control system, working with even the most basic system comprised of a cable box and TV. The CS-IRKITCCUS kit also has the ability to learn two IR codes from the most commonly used remotes and provide a dry contact closure interface to relay controlled devices.

This new product includes all of the standard features installers would expect at the same price as the most common IR kits on the market today, but has also been engineered with a built-in contact closure relay with IR code learning for its open and closed states. The code learning capabilities allow for easy setup and are ideal for controlling TV lifts, curtains, screens and Ethereal MHTG Voltage Control Trigger or All-in-One Repair Tools, when used for hot plug delay. The CS-IRKITCCUS works with the majority of IR repeating systems in the United States and has five LED indicators to show “learning” and the operating status. There are two buttons used to enable to the IR code learning process.

The CS-IRKITCCUS kit includes an IR connecting block with one IR receiver input, six emitter outputs and a two pole relay. It also includes one IR receiver with a multi-band input that also supports RCMM code sets and six IR emitters that work with all common infrared frequencies. A 12-volt power supply is also included in this kit and it is available now from Metra Home Theater Group.

CS-IRKITCCUS Product Specifications:

  • Integrated IR learning feature for easy setup
  • 2A dry contact relay
  • Discrete open and close commands
  • Open and close LED indicators
  • Works with majority of US IR repeating systems
  • Receive frequency range: 38 KHz & 56KHz
  • Transmit frequency range: 38 KHz & 56KHz
  • 6 port IR connecting block
  • 1x RC-MM protocol compatible bar receiver 3 meters (9.84ft)
  • 4x IR emitters 3 meters (9.84ft)
  • 12 volt power supply

About Metra Home Theater Group®

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