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Low Profile 4 Zone Speaker Selector

Quick Overview


Low Profile 4 Zone Speaker Selector


Distribute a stereo speaker-level signal to multiple listening zones with the Helios AS-SS4. This Low Profile 4 Zone Speaker Selector features a manually activated impedance protection circuit, accommodations for 14 gauge cable, and in-wall installation options. To prevent impedance to the amplifier from dropping below 5 Ohms, simply switch the protection function ON. It can also be turned OFF when used as part of a system incorporating impedance matching volume controls. The terminals at the rear of the speaker selector will accommodate up to 14 gauge cable; sufficient for cable runs exceeding 100 feet. For shorter distances 16-18 gauge cable suffices. CL-2 or CL-3 rated cable is recommended for compliance with local building codes. When connecting a speaker and amplifier, maintain polarity: positive to positive and negative to negative.

Easy Installation

  • Route speaker cables from each listening zone to the speaker selector
  • Route speaker cables from the amplifier to the speaker selector
  • Remove approximately 8 inches of the outer jacket from the speaker cable (if necessary)
  • Strip approximately 3/8 inches of insulation from each conductor and twist the exposed strands together to avoid fraying
  • Press the push terminal and insert the conductor; release to make contact
  • Set Impedance Protection to ON and OFF as necessary



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